How to Get Free Credit Score With No Credit Card

Most free credit score offers require you to sign up for a free trial using your credit card. such offers are mostly designed for people who are in the midst of rebuilding their credit and need to frequently monitor their FICO score. Usually, they will start to apply for a cheap home loan or car loan once their credit score reaches 700. However, when all you want is a one time free credit score check, giving out your credit number seems risky. Even though the service provides guarantee a no obligation free trial for their credit monitoring services, you cannot help wondering if it is really that easy and hassle free to cancel the payments to avoid any charges. And for some people, they do not even have a credit card number at all.

Free Offers For Credit Report Versus Credit Score

There are a few ways to get a free credit score without credit cards. Note that your credit score and credit report are different, so do not confuse between free offers for credit report versus credit score. A credit report is a detailed list on your credit information and debt/loan payment history, unpaid loans, credit card accounts etc. There is no need to pay for your credit report, since it is available through However, this report does not come with your credit score, and most lenders use the credit score to approve or reject loan applications.

To get a free credit score, you basically have two options. The best way to get no credit card required FICO scores is still to sign up for a legitimate credit monitoring service. You can check the company or web site track records at the Better Business Bureau to ensure that they have been honest with no hidden fees. For example, you can try Equifax, Identity Guard, etc. These credit checking services are easy to use and helpful when you want to improve your FICO score.

Free FICO Credit Score Offers With No Credit Card Required

Right now, we have yet to see any free FICO credit score offers with no credit card required. There are two alternative free credit score services online by Credit Karma and Quizzle. They do not provide the official FICO scores, but these can be used as a close approximation when your purpose is in fixing bad credit. Checking your FICO credit every 14 days can cost a lot of money, do you can use these free credit score to see whether your credit history has been cleaned up significantly.

Is Credit Karma Legitimate? – Free Trans Union Credit Score

Note that Credit Karma provides you with a credit report card and score based on Trans Union without asking you to sign up for a trial or credit card number. This is different from the standard FICO score used by the loan industry, but you can get information on how to improve your personal credit through info provided on the Credit Karma report. It tells you clearly which entries are good for your credit score and which are damaging.

Free Experian Credit Score From Quizzle

The other provider of free credit score online is at Quizzle, which uses a credit scoring model from Experian. This is a free Experian credit score service and you do not need to pay any fees or give away your credit card number. There are a number of free personal finance software tools available at Quizzle.

The simplest way to get a one time FICO score is to buy it from the official myFICO web site, created by the Fair Isaac company who owns the FICO credit scoring model. There is no need to worry about recurring fees since you only make a one time payment for your credit score and free credit report.

free FICO credit score
Credit Karma provides a free Trans Union credit score and Quizzle offers the Experian credit score with no credit card needed. These may not be the official FICO scores licensed from the Fair Isaac Company, but should be good enough since the information is also derived from your actual credit report maintained at Trans Union and Experian.

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