Legit Government Grants For Single Moms – Find Financial Aid For Single Mothers

You can qualify for legit government grants for single moms if you are not able to pay for a home, buy food for kids, need help to pay for school tuition etc. In our society, single mothers have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities to bring up her children, take care of household tasks, trying to earn a higher income to secure the family’s future etc. That is why there are many single mother government assistance programs to help offset the high costs of housing and basic living expenses.

With a low income, food expenses take up a big portion of the available budget for many single mothers. Many are not able to afford childcare which limits the choice of jobs available to those low paying part time and weekend jobs. That is why help from government is needed to ensure that young children in single mom families can be well provided for.

WIC (Womens, Infant and Children’s) Nutritional Program

The WIC (Womens, Infant and Children’s) Nutritional Program helps needy expectant mothers or those with kids under the age of five. If you are currently receiving food stamps, Medicare, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, that means you also qualify for the WIC assistance. Otherwise, you need to check that your household is 185% below the US poverty guidelines based on your family size. You need to provide proof of income from your last 3 paychecks. Note that WIC guidelines are actually less stringent compared to other government poverty assistance programs.

Subsidized Housing For Single Moms

It is possible to get housing assistance for single moms but there are many scams online that promises to help you get approved for government grants for single mothers. A tell tale sign that an offer is a scam is that they ask you to pay a fee upfront. Never pay a single cent to get government grant help from these people. Check out your local federal welfare agency for subsidized housing for single mother families. These houses and apartments are available at very cheap costs so that your kids have a proper shelter.

Scholarships For Single Mother To go Back School

It has been identified that most single mother households are in financial difficulties because the mothers can only seek out minimum wage jobs due to the lack of higher education or training. They find it hard to continue education due to lack of financial support, but without better education qualifications they cannot get better paying jobs. This severely limits their income potential and makes it difficult to improve the financial status of single parent families.

If you are determined to go back to school and need financial assistance, check out the $10k Scholarship Giveaway Draw for working moms. This $10,000 study grant is like a lucky draw that is held every month, you just need to register for a chance to be picked. Do note that some people are wary whether such private scholarship giveaways are scams. Remember if they ask you to pay, then just move the emails to your spam folders and drop the idea.

Do note that the US economy is still very shaky and not many high paying jobs are being created. Several major banks have started cost cutting measures and cut thousands of jobs starting from July 2011. The employment rate for new graduates are not look good as well, so you need to decide if this is a good time to go back to school by using a study loan. You may be better off to continue working and save up money to pay for tuition few years later.

Legitimate Private Financial Aid For Needy Moms

You can also find aid from many non-profit organizations. These charitable organizations provide programs such as temporary shelters to single mothers with young children, free food, clothing etc to care for children in low income families. With these many financial help for single mothers, there is no need to rely on high risk bad credit loans which can create more debts and problems in future.

Not all states provide legit government grants for single moms. Some states only provide food stamps while others offer housing grants and college scholarships as well. There are also small business grants for single moms from the government and these are legit as well, although they can be more difficult to get since you need to prepare a detailed and sound business plan. You can also consider private grants such as scholarship for moms to obtain a college degree which can help you find a better job. Do not expect free money grants from the government as this is a misconception used by scammers.

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