The Best Private Lender Loans – Find Legitimate Hard Money Loans

Find Legitimate Private Lender Loans For Bad Credit

Do you know that you can get legitimate private lender loans or hard money loans from companies outside of the usual finance institutions such as banks, credit unions etc? Usually, a private lender loan is used for buying a property that requires a lot of money for down payment, and the buyer does not meet the bank’s minimum requirements for FICO credit score, or employment and tax information. Sometimes, you need to get a private lender loan to buy a house in poor upper fixer conditions that needs significant rehabilitation before you can move in. For such houses, banks are reluctant to finance your purchase because it is difficult to auction and sell away in the event that they need to repossess the property. But the most common reason to find bad credit private lender loans with the best rates is to buy a house with no money down or with very little money down, because even the entire down payment is financed. For smaller amounts below $30,000, try a car title loan instead.

To find legitimate private sources to borrow money for real estate investments, you should always check the company name on Google, Yahoo or Bing for any mention in dispute cases or consumer complaints. As long as they have been established for at least two years, there is bound to be some feedback left by existing customers whether its a recommendation or a negative response. You can also check the BBB website to see if there is a good track record of consumer satisfaction.

This research on the available hard money loan lenders for bad credit is not only necessary to ensure that you are borrowing money from a valid and legit source. You also want to compare rates and pay back terms so that you get the best deals. These are big amount property loans up to $100,000 so even a smaller interest rate can save you a lot of money.

If you are not familiar with real estate buying or house flipping, using private hard money loans to leverage your profits can be very risky. In an uncertain commercial or residential real estate market, you can lose all your money and get into heavy debts if your are not careful, so leave it to the professional asset management companies if you are unsure. Even when TV ads are selling are easy it is to make money by using these hard money private party loans to quickly fix up pre-owned property and resell for a good profit, many more people make a loss compared to those profiting.

No matter which way the property market goes, high risk bad credit private lender loans are given at very high interest rates and short terms up to two years only. Yes, you need to pay back the $200,000 borrowed with interest included in full within two years. In the event that you default and cannot pay back, your lenders can repossess the house pledged as collateral for your loan. That is why it is important to only borrow from the legitimate private hard money lenders and not those predatory ones trying to get the property which you have rehabilitated out of your pocket. This usually happens when you cannot manage to sell off the house in time or your finances are spread too thin over many projects.

To protect yourself, look for non-course hard money private loan so that the maximum you lose in a high risk real estate investment are your rehab costs, original interest and note paid. In the case of private lender loans with recourse, you will have to pay back the difference between what you borrowed and the current market value of the rehabbed house taken over by the lenders.

Many people are looking for hard money real estate loans after being convinced by TV house flipping commercials such as Armando Montelongo that you can easily break into the property market without your own money. I have doubts that everyone who attends such $1000 house flipping courses will be able to make money on their own.

Like many types of loans, there are risks involved but you can make a lot more money with the best hard money loans for poor credit. There are always scam lenders in the market, so do your research properly and work with the legit real estate lenders. Being able to buy a property with no money down does not mean you can profit by flipping it. You need to fix up and renovate the house nicely with minimal cost that attracts buyers before your loan term is due.

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